Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Vision, My Mission

I am going into battle,
the point not to return.
I am going into battle,
deep surrender I must learn.

I will struggle
to the point of blood,
and with a happy heart I go.
For my Savior fought in love,
though the cross before Him,
He did know.

"Lay down your rights" we say,
but a soldier himself,
he must lay.
For He gives self, pleasure,
and fear away
in sacrifice
for a bigger Day.

Keep steady gaze
on that Day.
One foot here,
one stepping ever near
to the Kingdom for which you die,
to be welcomed by
the Most High.

"Welcome him in joy,
and honor men like him -
who risked his life for Me,
though He could never fully see
My glory
and all that he will be."

March on through pain, and march till death -
if only I will be
in Heaven with my Savior
for all eternity. 

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