Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Prayer Meeting

I’m also on the prayer team here (prayer is definitely the theme of my summer haha). This was a prayer meeting I led the other week and wanted to share here on my blog, because it is something I’m really excited and passionate about.

“Main idea of the prayer time: Imagine yourself as really being in the presence of God. You don’t have to speak, though you can if you want to. But let him speak to you and move in your heart.

I think often that we shy away from imagining God’s presence, or Heaven , or the throne room, or the wedding feast of the lamb because we don’t want to be wrong, or do it injustice. But what if we treated God the same way in our relationship with him? We know we can’t ever fully understand Him or perfectly view Him in this life. But if we allowed that to discourage us from yet searching after Him, we would be SO lost and SO empty. We have ideas and pictures of God in His Word. WE also have screenshots of Heaven and Christ and the throne Room in the Bible as well. And this is what our hope is in and our aim is directed at! IF we don’t often meditate on these things, then we will rarely, if ever, get truly, honestly pumped for it or motivated by it as much as I think we should, and as much as God intended.

à “They did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.” Rev. 12:11. This exercise is to help us love and cling to our lives less, and to our future reality WAY more.

So I’m going to read some passages and then play some reflective music. For this half hour sit in His presence and meditate on your TRUE and COMING future and hope.

            Hebrews 11 is full of people who had great faith and followed God in crazy circumstances. The passage says that they did these amazing thigns because “they saw that which was invisible” (that being God and the world above.)
            Heb. 10:19-23 beckons us to come into His presence

-       Rev. 1:12-18, a description of Jesus
-       Rev. 4:2-11, a description of the Throne
-       Rev. 19:11-16, a description of Christ’s return
-       Rev. 20:1-8, a description of a new heaven and a new earth, what is to come”

I started doing this exercise at times when I was in severe pain. When the pain came I would begin to imagine Heaven and all that I am suffering for and looking towards. It was incredible – I would no longer even feel the pain, but would be overcome by the power and majesty of the Lord and His glory. I would become so elated that this was not just a dream, but was the truth of what is to come!

Since then I have done this at different times, and each time it refocuses me and sets my mind and heart on things above. It is the greatest comfort I’ve ever received in this life.

This past week during pretty intense pain, I put in my headphones, played the most beautiful songs I know, and imagined walking in the secret gardens of heaven with Jesus. He was leading me into beautiful courtyards, hidden from everyone else. The sun was coming through the leaves on the trees, there were butterflies and bunnies that God was delighting in showing me. He continued to lead me through all that He had made for me. I loved everything, but most of all I loved that He was choosing to spend time with me. He spoke tenderly to me, all the words that I was longing to hear. He dressed me in a beautiful gown (it was light blue) and put a crown (my crown) on my head. He was soooooooo happy to be with me and to love me like I’ve so desperately been longing for. Lost in the imagery of this moment with Christ, I was able to step out of my present sufferings and into the presence of God. It changed my attitude and set my hope once again on the glory that is to come, and to come very soon.

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