Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Revelation While Posting the Last Post...

[Intro: Like I said, I've been discouraged in my inability to DO m-work here. I feel like every time I go out, I'm hit with another physical issue that keeps me in bed twice as long as the last time, and is twice as serious. (Right now I'm afraid that due to my exhaustion levels my gut has temporarily(?) shut down. And for some unknown to me reason, my body cannot sleep when my gut shuts down. So now sleeping is off the table too.) I WOULD LOVE to fulfill my job (for which many people sacrificed to send me here to do)! Which is go out and take the goods. But I'm denied that again and again.]

But, in saying that, this thought popped into my head: My real ministry is prayer. 
And I think that might be what God is showing me here.

Isn’t our real ministry always prayer?
When do we ever do anything? We always need Him. We always need to “ask the God of the harvest.”

à Anna, would you be satisfied if God did everything, and you did nothing? ß

That’s the real question.

Ø  How much would that bother you? How much would YOU care what other people thought or how they perceived your work? How they analyzed your fruit? In that, how much would you really be caring about God?

Lay it down, Anna. Let God be the Lord of your life, which includes being the Lord of your harvest.

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